Fall and Puppies!!!!

I’m not usually overly into fall, but this year I am.  I’m very excited for all the colors and the fall traditions.  Maybe this is because since coming to Millersville I’ve gained many friends who are obsessed with fall and its rubbing off on me.  In any case as a group we’ve begun doing some fall traditions that I’m very excited about.  Now the whole purpose of this post is to share with you a video that I’m in love with.  It combines fall themes (pumpkins) and a puppy. So cute!  Enjoy!


Learning how to Blog

So this is my first time using this site.  I have to teach a group here at school how to use it and I’m not even sure what I’m doing.  So this is me learning how this site works so that I can then teach others. I did learn how to decorate my page and add the same pumpkin picture into this post.  See, there it is.